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Q; What is this site about?

A: We are furthering the excitement for tribute bands by providing a way for viewers to participate in the genre. We will post videos by bands who pay tribute to famous artists and let the general public vote on which ones they like best. New bands will be posted every one to two weeks, so check back often to vote for your favorites. Bands remain in the battle until they lose to another band.

Q; Can I see the videos in full screen mode?

A: The videos are streaming from YouTube, so you can click in the lower right corner to view the videos in full screen mode. If you right click a video, you can open it in a new window or tab as well.

Q; Do I get anything for voting?

A: At the moment, nothing material, however, we do plan to have contests and give away prizes from random drawings of voters in the future. You also have the satisfaction of congratulating a band for all their practice and hard work. In addition, if this series becomes a TV format, your votes may go a long way towards helping to choose who makes it on the show.

Q; As a band, what do we get out of it?

A: In a word, promotion! More people will know you exist and may visit your personal website. You may also have a chance to appear on a web series or TV show in the future.

Q; What do you mean by proof of concept?

A: If this site becomes popular, it will prove that there is a desire for this type of show. This may allow us to attract investors for a web series or a TV show. It may even inspire us to do a crowd funding campaign and do it ourselves.

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